Liam Agnew Nutrition


Improve sporting performance, increase your health and fitness and get into the best shape of your life; all whilst eating the foods you enjoy. 

A registered sport nutritionist (SENr) and an experienced coach providing continuous support to ensure you make progress at a rate appropriate for you. 

Offering a specialist sport nutrition service to help recreational athletes take their performance to the next level and a health and weight management service for those looking to lose weight in a sustainable, healthy way. 

Browse the website for more details on each service, look through the blog for some free advice, read up previous success stories and drop me a message on my contact page for any more information. 


Nutrition for Performance

  • Improve performance in your sport

  • Prepare for a key competition, race or new season 

  • Set PBs and perform at a higher level than ever before

On the Scales

Nutrition for Health

  • Lose weight or change body shape

  • Increase your health and fitness

  • Improve your daily performance in your business or work role


"Without a doubt I am competing at a level I could not have dreamt of previously. I now have to think of myself as more of an athlete and eat to fuel for the activity that I do."

Anna Vaughan-Hawkins