Health and Weight Management

Nutrition for Health 

Helping you lose weight and feel fit and healthy whilst negotiating a busy lifestyle schedule and enjoying your social life. The service is focussed on helping you make informed nutritional choices enabling continuous improvement and long term sustainable weight loss success.

No individual is the same and meal plans and recipes are tailored to suit you specifically. Whether you have limited time or little experience in the kitchen, the process is made as easy as possible with ongoing coaching to provide support, motivation and accountability. 

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Key Features

Dietary Analysis

Using professional nutrition analysis software, your daily diet is analysed calculating both your macronutrient and micronutrient intake addressing key areas to work on.

Meal Plan

Individual meal plan specifically designed using the results of your dietary analysis and assessment of energy requirements. All meals are personalised based on your nutritional preferences with time constraints and cooking ability taken into account.

Meal Preparation

Help preparing your food including cooking tutorials, recipes and shopping optimisation.


Appropriate method of tracking in a convenient, easy, unobtrusive way with regular feedback ensuring you make progress at the rate required .

Continual Coaching

Ongoing coaching providing support and accountability with regular check ins and educational material.

Body Composition Assessment

Comprehensive body composition assessments using the accurate ISAK skin fold method. Allows for extensive tracking of body fat, muscle mass and changes to your physique. (Only available in the Manchester area.)

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Liam’s amazing knowledge of food and nutrition in general have helped me best achieve my aims. I have achieved a better balance in all areas of my life, especially in exercise and nutrition which makes a major difference to my mental health, performance at work and general wellbeing. 

Marc Watterson


The service is tailored around your individual needs and the price will depend on how much support and personalisation you require. To make an enquiry, please get in touch where we can build a package that’s perfect for you and your budget. 

See below for an example of the starter package.


Starter Package

Initial consultation followed by a calorie and macronutrient plan

Weekly check in and habit builder 

Bodyweight and diet tracker

Access to extensive recipe library

2x20 minute zoom/skype call

Daily educational content sent directly to you

Email/message support answering any questions or concerns 



Dietary Analysis 

Using Nutritics software, your current 7-day diet is analysed. You will receive a full report of both your macronutrient and micronutrient intakes alongside key areas to work on.


 Diet Plan 

Following a 60-minutes online consultation, a 7-day diet plan is provided with breakdown of calories and macronutrients for each meal. The plan is personalised and includes recipes specific to your dietary preferences.


ISAK Body Composition Assessment

8 skin folds, 5 circumferences and two bone breadths giving you a clear indication of your body composition including estimated body fat percentage and somatotype. (Only available in the Greater Manchester and Chesire area.)