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Tips For Tracking Your Food Intake

Mobile tracking apps can be an excellent tool for tracking your nutrition. However, they are not fool proof and there are number of ways in which inaccurate tracking can prevent you from making progress.

Evidence as shown that individuals can under estimate their daily calorie intake by 440kcals a day on average. Underestimating your calorie intake this much can be extremely detrimental to progress.

In order to lose weight at an approximate rate of 0.5kg a week, it is recommended that a daily energy deficit of 500kcals is required. This calorie deficit could be pretty much eradicated if incorrectly tracking calories to such an extent. Similarly, if training for a key race or event and you are undereating by 440kcals on a daily basis, this can have disastrous effects on your training and performance.

However, there are a number of things you can do to increase the accuracy of your tracking:

1. Use digital kitchen scales

Making sure you are entering the right amount is crucial when it comes to getting the overall calorie intake right. This is especially important for calorie dense foods such as pasta and cereal, which can be hard to judge the quantity. Using digital kitchen scales is a really easy solution to make sure you are getting totals right.

2. Enter in real time

Whilst it may be easy to enter everything at the day, it can be easy to forget the quick snack you had with your brew at 10.30am. Tracking everything as you eat it will help to stop any ‘forgotten’ calories that can soon add up over time.

3. Use bar codes

The bar code feature is really useful and not only does it make things easier to track, it also increases the accuracy. Just be sure that bar code on the product is up to date and matches the product you are entering.

4. Include all oils and condiments

Oils are high in calories due to their fat content. If you’re frying your food make sure you include this in the final recipe. A tablespoon of olive oil is approx. 120kcals which can make quite a big difference to an otherwise lean stir fry.


Learning how to accurately track your calorie intake and know the calorie and macronutrient content of your favourite foods is a key skill which can be extremely beneficial for your long term progress. Use the tips above to make it as accurate as possible.

Get in touch for help on tracking your nutrition accurately and preventing your progress from stalling.

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