Sport Nutrition

Nutrition for Performance

Accurately fuelling for your sport's training and event demands is crucial for optimal performance. Using detailed dietary analysis and a scientific, evidence informed approach, meal plans are designed to ensure fuelling demands are met allowing you to perform at your very best and provide that all-important extra edge.

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Key features:

Dietary Analysis

Using professional nutrition analysis software, your daily diet is analysed calculating both your macronutrient and micronutrient intake addressing key areas to work on.

Meal Plan

Individual meal plan specifically designed using the results of your dietary analysis and assessment of energy requirements. All meals are based on your nutritional preferences and include a macronutrient breakdown of all meals.

Meal Preparation

Cooking tutorials and recipe design to optimise your pre and post workout, race/competition day and recovery nutrition.

Extensive Tracking

Detailed tracking to ensure progress is made at the required rate. Includes tracking tutorials and regular feedback.

Supplement Protocol

Evidence-based supplement protocol designed specifically for the demands of your sport following the UK Anti Doping guidelines.

Educational Material

Backed by the latest scientific evidence, educational material helping you to understand the key fuelling demands and nutritional requirements of your sport.

Continuous Coaching

Regular check ins and ongoing support via a range methods that work best for you.

Body Composition Assessment

Comprehensive body composition assessment using the ISAK skin fold method; a field based body composition assessment used in elite sport. Allows for accurate, extensive tracking of changes to your physique including body fat and lean muscle mass. (Only available in the Manchester area.)


Without a doubt I am performing at level I couldn't have dreamt of previously. I play masters level squash for my country which I would not have been in a good enough shape to do a few years ago. I now have to think of myself as an athlete to fuel all the activity I do.

Anna Vaughan-Hawkins



The service is tailored around your individual needs and the price will depend on how much support and personalisation you require. To make an enquiry, please get in touch where we can build a package that’s perfect for you and your budget. 

See below for an example of the starter package.


Starter Package

Initial consultation followed by a calorie and macronutrient plan

Weekly check in and habit builder 

Bodyweight and diet tracker

Recipe library

2x20 minute zoom/skype call

Regular educational content sent directly to you

Email/message support answering any questions or concerns 



Dietary Analysis

Using Nutritics software, your current 7-day diet is analysed. You will receive a full report of both your macronutrient and micronutrient intakes alongside key areas to work on.


Diet Plan

Following a 60-minutes online consultation, a 7-day diet plan is provided with breakdown of calories and macronutrients for each meal. The plan is personalised and includes recipes specific to your dietary preferences and fuelling requirements.


ISAK Body Composition Assessment

8 skin folds, 5 circumferences and two bone breadths giving you a clear indication of your body composition including estimated body fat percentage and somatotype. (Only available in the Greater Manchester and Chesire area.)