Anna Vaughan-Hawkins, Professional Squash Coach

I started off just wanting to get back in shape after having the kids but really now my life has completely changed.  I was working in an office job trying to fit in family, work, and everything else- but now I am a full time squash coach playing the best standard of squash I ever have at nearly 38 years old, I played in a professional tournament for the first time last year and narrowly lost 3-2 to the world number 176. I play masters level squash for my country which I would not have been in a good enough shape to do a few years ago.  I’ve gone from thinking like a mum to thinking like an athlete – this has had an effect on the rest of the family too who have seen what I have achieved and have since then between them played squash and cricket to county level and above, completed an iron man event and strive to be active whenever possible.  

Initially it was all about losing weight- I hated my body – I didn’t recognise it after having the kids. Losing all the baby weight was like getting a blank canvas, I didn’t hate my body so I could start thinking about what I wanted it to do. Now I am completely the opposite – I love my body because it has enabled me to achieve so much. I never go on the scales I have a completely new perspective on what being healthy is. There is no better feeling.

Without a doubt I am competing at a level I could not have dreamt of previously.  I now have to think of myself as more of an athlete and eat to fuel all the activity that I do.  Liam regularly reviews where we are up, relooking at the diet, and reviewing the program. This also has a knock on effect for the family as I can make amendments to how we all eat and look after ourselves whilst we are training and competing.

Liam has tailored everything as required at the right times and I would recommend him for those people looking to improve their sports specific performance or to generally get fitter and keep in shape.